Ultradyne C4 and C4 Dynamount Adjustable Backup Iron Sights

    Ultradyne C4 and C4 Dynamount Backup Iron Sights (2)

    Ultradyne is a bit of a mystery to me. This company’s backup iron sights and muzzle brakes almost simultaneously appeared on Brownells and MidwayUSA websites, but I couldn’t find the website or any other signs of this company’s presence on the Internet. That’s quite unusual for a modern company, isn’t it? At any rate, let’s take a look at the iron sights they make which have some really interesting features.

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    Let’s talk about the mounting methods of front sights first. That is what distinguishes the C4 model from C4 Dynamount. The C4 versions mount to your standard 1913 Picatinny rails – nothing special there in terms of mounting to the weapon. However, C4 Dynamount front sight has a quite an interesting mounting system. It mounts to the barrel of the weapon by being sandwiched between the Ultradyne muzzle devices and the barrel itself. There are also holes in the rear of the muzzle devices and a corresponding small lug on the Dynamount front sight which allow indexing the front sight either vertically or at 45-degree angle to the left or right.

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    Ultradyne C4 Dynamount front sight

    The front sight post also has an interesting design. Its tip represents a sphere with two perpendicular holes machined all the way through it resulting in sort of a perforated spherical shape. With the aperture rear sight, the sight picture becomes a “circle in a circle”. The Ultradyne front sights are also windage and elevation adjustable. The elevation adjustments are done in 90-degree increments of the front sight post rotation which allows seeing through the holes at any position of the front sight post. In order to rotate the front sight post, you don’t need tools. All you need is to press down the spring-loaded winged front sight housing, rotate the front sight post to the desired position and release the housing which will lock the front sight post in place.

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    The rear sight of Ultradyne iron sights is also folding and has both windage and elevation adjustability built into it. There are several aperture options which directly screw into the ghost ring base. Another clever design feature is the possibility to store the apertures right inside the elevation adjustment knob by simply screwing them in.

    Ultradyne C4 and C4 Dynamount Backup Iron Sights (111)

    Ultradyne C4 rear sight

    Ultradyne backup iron sights are made of 4140 steel and feature a nitrided finish. These sights are available in a variety of options – front and rear combo, front or rear sights separately, multiple front sight and muzzle brake combinations etc. Instead of writing the prices of all these options, I’ll give you the links to the Brownells and MidwayUSA pages where you can see all the mentioned options and their prices. If you want to learn more about these sights watch the Brownells videos embedded below.

    Images from www.brownells.com

    UPDATE (2018, April 20): The company’s website is www.ultradyneusa.com 

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