Backup Rear Sight Mounted on Vz. 58 Stock Adapter

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CSA Backup Rear Sight Mounted on Vz. 58 Stock Adapter (1)

CzechPoint USA, the US distributor of CSA (Czech Small Arms), has added to their products line a rather ingenious accessory called AR15/M4 sight rail stock adapter for BUIS. It is an AR-15 stock adapter for Vz. 58 rifles that also has a short top Picatinny rail section allowing to mount a backup rear sight.

When folded down, the rear iron sight won’t come in contact with the shooters face. And when deployed, it provides a really large sight radius compared to the original sight radius of the Vz. 58 rifle. The mounting point itself is also quite rigid and should keep the rear sight at a consistent position every time it is deployed.

CSA Backup Rear Sight Mounted on Vz. 58 Stock Adapter (5)

In order to have an unobstructed sight picture, you will have to remove the original Vz. 58 rear sight by pushing down on the leaf spring and sliding the rear sight out. Note that the rear sight spring must not be removed. Once the rear sight is uninstalled, the next step is to install the provided cover plate by pressing down the leaf spring and sliding the cover plate in place. Once the cover plate is in a correct position, you need to release the leaf spring which will securely retain the assembly.

Removal of the original rear sight
The leaf spring should be retained
The cover plate installation

The Ar15/M4 sight rail stock adapter is available on the CzechPoint USA website at an MSRP of $88.

I think this is really a great idea for those who shoot with iron sights. If someone made a similar product for the AK platform, that could possibly have high demand. If your AK has a full-length gas system and sports a front sight block/gas block combination device, then installing such a backup rear sight would provide a sight radius comparable to that of the Galil or newest Russian AK12 and AK 15 rifles.

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  • Currie864 Currie864 on Jun 19, 2018

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t James in one of his videos demonstrate that there isn’t nearly as much difference in the sight radius of an AR15 carbine and an AK as is commonly thought? And if that is true, is this really necessary or do both AK’s and AR’s need this fix? Just how my logic is working right now...

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    • Iksnilol Iksnilol on Jun 20, 2018

      @Sunshine_Shooter Aw yiss, bonus points if you were to have a 24-26" barrel with the front sight at the end of it.

  • SP mclaughlin SP mclaughlin on Jun 20, 2018

    Any info on that left sided charging handle?