Dueck Defense Red Dot Back Up Sight Base

    Dueck Defense, makers of the RTS angle back up irons, has made their version of a red dot adapter plate for Glocks. Their RBU (Red Dot Back Up) sight base drifts in place of the rear sight on the Glock slide. The sight base is machined to accommodate the more common mini red dots like RMR, Leupold Deltapoint, Burris and JPoint.

    The RBU sight base sets itself apart from other rear sight mounted red dot bases because it has integrated iron sights. The irons are fixed and provide a reference point for shooters in case their red dots go down. I had this issue the other day with my STI Steelmaster. My red dot died while shooting and I have no back up sight to reference so I was point shooting. I missed a bit. With the fixed RBU base irons you have a better idea where your gun shoots in relation to those irons and can make adjustments via kentucky windage to get those shots on target.

    Here is a review by Practically Tactical.


    I wonder if it would be possible to redesign the RBU to allow for factory Glock sights to be attached to the RBU? That way you could adjust the irons for elevation and windage. Also having a fiber front would be nice. But that would get more complicated and increase cost.

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