Walther Q5 Match – Where are the Irons With Red Dot?

    Walther Q5 Match

    Walther recently released their Q5 Match handgun to some fanfare. Based on their PPQ platform, the handgun would likely be a smash hit from the beginning. Its got great ergonomics, an utterly fantastic trigger, and its got the looks. Still, I contend they omitted a major component that will ultimately hamper the Q5 Match’s success

    There is no provision to use iron sights with a red-dot (minus the Delta Point Pro).

    Having shot with and without a red dot on handguns on a variety of occasions and on personal handguns (I also have the Suarez Defense Red Dot Adapter in for review), believe having a red-dot only sighting system on a handgun can detrimental to performance.

    The problem comes from a phenomenon known as “chasing the dot.” Basically it refers to when a shooter pulls the handgun into firing position and cannot find the red dot. Immediately the shooter will start moving the handgun around trying to find (ie “chase”) the dot, not having any reference to find the dot relative to their position of the handgun.

    Iron sights, even if not Zero’d (they should be, but I digress), are the perfect reference point to ensure that the handgun is aligned in the sight plane. One can immediately see the relative position of the muzzle, correct, and pick up the dot from there. Its instinctual.

    An adapter for iron sights? What?

    An adapter for iron sights? What?

    Instead, the Q5 Match has an adapter plate that can accept either the irons or a red-dot system. Frankly, there’s a reason no company has done similar…

    I’m not the only one to say so. Ian from Forgotten Weapons had a similar experience when moving to a red-dot handgun. He likewise goes into detail:

    While the Delta Point Pro has the option of mounting a iron sight directly to the optic, that’s a work-around to an omission. I contend the Q5 should maintain the provision for an iron sight on the handgun, even if in front of the red-dot, if only for the sake of reference points.

    Nathan S

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