TFB’s 1st Day Of Christmas: BUIS

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    Yes, the real 12 days of Christmas will actually start on December 25th and run until January 6th, but in an effort to include everyone this holiday season, I’m switching things up. So whether you celebrate Santa’s arrival, Hanukkah or Martian Sol 33.10.541 (look it up) I promise there will be something for every shooter who likes to both give and receive gifts.

    We will lay out a dozen days of guns and gear, some of which you might not normally buy for yourself. Then it will be up to you to flip the link to the TFB posts to your friends, family and loved-ones in the hopes of snagging a cool gift to rather than hats, shirts, ties or other gaudy holiday clothing that will forever live a drawer, unworn.

    I consider Back Up Iron Sights, or BUIS for short, essential gear on almost any rifle. Not necessarily because I fear taking shrapnel to my primary optic and having to transition to irons to engage the approaching zombie horde.  More so, having BUIS installed and zeroed allows shooters to maintain proficiency and practice fundamentals whenever time permits. So whether or not you are running a red dot on a carbine or a 8-24x scope on a full-length rifle, a good set of iron sights should also be along for the ride. (They also work great on their own).

    There are many quality BUIS options on the market these days, but here are a few on my list if I were building another rifle. Have a favorite? List it in the comments section below. Manufacturers and retailers listed here are not paid advertisements – just my personal choices to hopefully help you find gifts easier.

    Magpul MBUS PRO ~ $120 (est)

    The Magpul MBUS and MBUS PRO balance price, usability and ruggedness exceptionally well. I prefer the PRO model because it has a lower profile and features an all-metal construction.



    Normally known for their silencers, Griffin Armament has branched out as of late. The M2 sight comes in two flavors: standard verticle or offset mount options. Can’t decide? Pick up the deployment kit that includes mounting options for both.




    NEW!   STRIKE INDUSTRIES Sidewinder BUIS – $180 (est)

    I am lucky enough to have a set of the Sidewinder sights coming in for a review. But for those of you willing to be early adopters of the newest and hottest gear, the flip-up, offset sight set from Strike is calling your name.


    NEW!  – KNIGHT’S ARMAMENT – $300 (est)

    Historically, Knight’s has produced some of the most battle-proven BUIS for the AR platform ever seen. Options range from offset, low profile and adjustable for both windage and elevation. Check out the new MLOK Micro front flip up sight while you are bounding through the Knight’s Armament website.



    Where to buy BUIS:

    DSG Arms


    Rainier Arms

    Midway USA

    Primary ARMS

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