Diamondhead Hole Shot BUIS | SHOT 2017

    New for Shot Show 2017 is the Diamondhead USA Hole Shot. It is a new rear sight design. They eliminated the lock out button so you just flip them up to deploy them. Just like their diamond shaped rear sights, the aperture can be folded down for quick CQC sight alignment.

    The small change in design is actually easier to machine so it lowers the cost for the customer. These sights fit in between their alloy sights set price and their polymer sights price. The Hole Sight will retail for $180.

    Edit: There was a mistake on the flier. The price was listed at $158 but it will actually retail for $180.

    Along with the Hole Shot they showed their Nite Brite polymer sights. It is an alternative to tritium. The nite brite system are photoluminescent inserts. They are just glow in the dark inserts that are charged up with a light source.

    These are available on Diamondhead’s website for $118.

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