Glock 19TB (Threaded Barrel)

    I saw this at the Glock booth here at Shot Show 2015.

    It is the Glock 19TB. It comes with tall suppressor sights and a threaded barrel. When I asked Glock reps about the new MOS optic guns and the the lack of suppressor sights, their answer was vague. They do not really know the reasoning. One surmised that it was due to the fact that they do not make tall suppressor sights so they went with the factory sights. It seems like a major oversight to not include the gun with tall suppressor sights. Until I saw this Glock 19TB, I thought Glocks did not come with them and the end user would change them out himself. Well if they can install suppressor sights on the Glock 19TB in the factory, why can’t they get more to have the MOS line to compete against the S&W M&P CORE?

    The Glock 19TB retails for $529.99

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