Improved Smith Tactics Illuminator Sights Now Shipping

    Improved Smith Tactics Illuminator Sight Now Shipping (1)

    We first reported about the Smith Tactics Illuminator, a battery-powered illuminated flip-up front sight, back in February of 2020 when it was just introduced. Being a small company, Smith Tactics has since faced a lot of challenges related to setting up the production of this sight primarily due to the global pandemic, but fortunately, the company was able to overcome all the obstacles and the improved version of the Illuminator sight is now shipping.

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    Improved Smith Tactics Illuminator Sight Now Shipping (2)

    Probably the main design improvement is in the front sight post geometry which further decreases the possibility of compromising the shooter’s position ensuring that the glowing bead is visible only for the shooter. Other than that, the Illuminator sight hasn’t been changed much as far as the design is concerned, however, the company has improved their manufacturing techniques which resulted in tighter tolerances and overall higher quality of the product. By the way, the quality of their other products is improved as well.

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    Smith Tactics Illuminator sight is powered by a 70HR coin battery. The bead brightness is adjustable with the adjustment knob located on the left side of the housing. The battery life on the brightest setting is 70 hours. The bead can be switched on/off manually or by being set to the auto mode which automatically turns it on once the sight is deployed. The bead LED is available in red or green colors.

    The housing of the Smith Tactics Illuminator sight is made of aluminum and has a hard coat anodized finish. The electronics are sealed, not to be affected by moisture or elements, and made shock resistant to withstand the recoil of the firearm. The front sight post is made of stainless steel and is elevation adjustable.

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    The MSRP of Smith Tactics Illuminator front sight is $119.95. The price is identical for both bead color options. Those who preordered this sight when it was introduced, will also receive the improved version.

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