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Homemade decorative gun cabinet Homemade modifications of S&W 625 JM homemade pistol in Ukraine Chambers was arrested for possessing 3 unregistered DIAS Revolver Project Homemade Non-Reciprocating Forward Charging Handle for Blowback AK PCCs (8)

POTD: Homemade .22 Pistol

In 2014 I linked to instructions on how to build an improvised .25 ACP pistol. Back then I asked for readers to email us photos if they try to make the gun. A reader sent us preliminary photos of his DIY homemade pistol with some minor modifcations. He wrote … [Read More…]

Homemade 23MM Sniper Rifle in Syria

There’s been a lot of interesting firearms being spotted in Syria during the recent conflict over there. From vintage WWII weapons, Bubba’d Mosin Nagants to a remote controlled Sturmgewehr 44. Here’s another interesting rifle, a homemade 23mm [Read More…]