When Firearms are a Political Statement – The P.A. Luty Homemade SMGs

    Famous strategic and political thinker once said that “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” From many perspectives, this is entirely true and weapons being tools of war can then be seen as weapons of politics. While we here at TFB focus on the technological aspects of our hobby, sometimes the creation of a firearm is indeed intended as a political act.

    The classic modern example of this is Defense Distributed, who’s use of 3-D printers to manufacture a firearm has been a loud statement. However, what happened before the internet and rise of crypto-anarchy? A British subject named P.A. Luty who developed and then¬†published instructions how to create your own homemade sub machine gun – much to the chagrin of the UK government.¬†

    The weapons he created were capable of being manufactured entirely in one’s home with readily available materials. Where modern mass-produced guns require CNC machines and specialized knowledge, the weapons Mr. Ludy created were made without specialized anything.

    For defying the Crown’s firearms regulations, Mr. Ludy ultimately went to prison for the manufacture of unauthorized firearms, but the guns he made are fantasic exposes in how guns can be made in defiance of political systems.

    Ian at Forgotten Weapons has a rare look at the actual firearms themselves. When Mr. Ludy was arrested, his firearms were confiscated and ultimately ended up at the National Firearms Centre where they are the subject of Ian’s latest video.


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