POTD: Homemade Air Rifle

    Oleg Volk took these photos of a home made air rifle. It looks like something out of the Steampunk aesthetic.

    The air rifle looks odd but as you look more closely there are a lot of features hidden in plain sight.


    In the photo below you can see what looks like a cat toy which appears to be attached to the air reservoir. I am guessing this aids as a wind direction indicator?

    The gigantic film reel looking wheel is for parallax adjustment. There is even a knob and rubber chain so that the shooter can adjust it with his firing hand. The giant wheel is actually his indicator for the parallax adjustment at certain distances. He even has a custom magnification throw lever held on with a plumbing screw strap.


    See the metal fork looking device? That is a spare ammo holder.

    Does your gun have a built in wind speed indicator?

    Rather clever method of adjusting elevation for projectile drop. As he dials in the correct elevation adjustment, the labeled tape extends or retracts back into the housing. You can also see the numbers along the edge of the parallax wheel.


    Are there any serious air rifle competitors among our readers? Can you elaborate on the features of this rifle?