Unique Homemade Decorative Gun Cabinet For An AR-15

    Homemade decorative gun cabinet

    Redditor Flatout93 recently built his own homemade decorative gun cabinet, which he said was his first attempt at building anything with wood and nails for himself.  The rugged look of the wood and paint gives it a cool look on the wall, although Flatout93 recognized that the external hinges and no lock don’t exactly make it ideal for storing a firearm.  Given that this was his first attempt though, I’d say he’s off to a great start.

    Flatout93 also made mention of the AR-15 inside the cabinet as being a home-built rifle as well.

    Built both of these by hand. The AR was a budget build so I won’t bore you with a parts list.  The cabinet is the first thing I ever built with wood and nails by myself.  Proud of it but it has lots of room for improvement.

    homemade decorative gun cabinet

    Redditor Flatout93’s RECCE style AR-15 build inside his homemade decorative gun cabinet. Images used with permission.

    Other Redditors made a few suggestions, such as putting a black backing behind the rifle so that someone walking by the cabinet wouldn’t see the contrasted black rifle against the white wall through the slats.  Another suggestion was to secure the cabinet to the wall directly and to move the hinges to the inside.  Flatout93 said that for this iteration of his cabinet building that he may put a television inside of it instead of his rifle.

    One thought I had for one more layer of security would be to use a gate latch on the inside with a hidden pull string to unlock the doors.  Other than a few improvements for securing a firearm inside a homemade decorative gun cabinet, I love Flatout93’s style and ability with his first woodworking project,.  You can view his Reddit post HERE.  Have you made any gun cabinets or firearms related gear?  Shoot us an email if you’d like us to share it.

    What do you think about Flatout93’s homemade decorative gun cabinet?  What method would you suggest for an added layer of security?

    Doug E

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