Japanese man arrested for building homemade guns

    A 60 year old man in Japan was recently arrested for building homemade guns of his own design. According to him it was his hobby for the last 40 years. He used scrap anvils as a source of hardened steel and crafted his own ammunition using toy caps and casted lead bullets.

    homemadegunsjapan2 improguns

    homemadegunsjapan3 improguns

    A double barreled muzzle-loading percussion lock. The barrels are rotated between shots.

    homemadepercussionlockjapan improguns

    A submachine gun which is trying to decide whether its an AR or a Thompson.

    homemadegunsjapan4 improguns

    A compact machine pistol. The neat thing about it is that It appears to accept Type-14 Nambu magazines.

    homemadegunsjapan5 improguns

    A cartridge firing double barreled pistol:

    homemadegunsjapan7 improguns

    This revolver probably took the most amount of time and dedication:

    homemadegunsjapan6 improgunsHomemade bullets: