POTD: Homemade Pistol Seized In Ukraine

    homemade pistol in Ukraine

    Homemade pistol in Ukraine. Image from https://dp.npu.gov.ua

    Police in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine seized a homemade pistol and three magazines from a man in early February.  The pistol in question appears to be quite well made compared to these.  The news report didn’t provide any other information about the pistol, however, there are several things to note.  The barrel seems to be about six inches long.  The slide has lightening cuts to reduce the weight of the all metal construction.  The pistol also seems to have a slide-mounted safety, which seems more common in Europe, though much maligned in the United States.  The lighting is such that it’s difficult to see how wide the barrel is or if there are any sights on the pistol.

    The man charged with carrying the pistol said he used it for self-defense and research.  Firearm laws in Ukraine tend to allow for firearm ownership and defense of people and property, however, it appears that carrying firearms is an illegal act.  Ukraine also requires registration of firearms, so it’s a bit unclear if this was simply an unregistered pistol or if he or the people at large are prohibited from carrying in public.  You can check out another article here in which Ukrainians display the guns they own and a bit about the laws there.  A more specific explanation of gun laws in Ukraine can be found here.

    What do you think about the homemade pistol?  What caliber would you guess it is?  Any clue what the oblong marking near the muzzle is for?