Homemade Semi-Auto P.A Luty Machine Pistol (LOTS OF PHOTOS)

by ImproGuns

Mike over at Mike’s Custom Weaponry has sent in photos of his latest project in the final stages of completion which happens to be a semi-auto version of the Machine Pistol from P.A Luty’s book Expedient Homemade Firearms Vol 2. The original design is of course fully automatic but with a few changes, namely an AR trigger group and a floating firing pin, a legal semi-automatic version can be made.

He writes:

“I started the project as something to do on nights I had trouble sleeping. I wanted to see if I could build this gun using only materials I had on hand. I chose to make it in .380 because I had a little over 300 rounds, but no gun chambered for .380.”

“Here’s the homemade magazine. I haven’t built a sheet metal brake yet, so it’s a little rough, but should function just fine.”

“Removing these two screws will separate the upper and lower receiver. ”

“Here you can see the modified AR trigger group. The hammer is the only part that needed to be changed. The trigger and disconnector are unchanged. I did need to make the pins longer though.”

“The feed ramp is integral to the magwell as in the original plans. I sized the magwell to fit the magazine. The plans actually called to use 20x40mm rectangular tubing and use a spring to take up the extra space. “
“The plans called for the recoil spring to be in the center of the bolt. In order to make room for the firing pin and hammer I moved it to the upper corner of the bolt.”
Bolt face:
Removing the firing pin:
Removing the barrel:
“Here you can see the chamber. In the spirit of this build I chambered it using only drill bits. I haven’t tested it for accuracy yet, but it functions perfectly.”
“And finally here’s everything laid out. The grip is just a simple chunk of aluminum, nothing special there.”
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  • Brah Brah on Nov 23, 2017

    I really enjoy these articles about home made firearms. The craftsmanship and ingenuity is inspiring.

  • Blkadder Blkadder on Dec 09, 2017

    I would be interested to see some further pictures of this, such as the ejector. I don't see a slot in the bolt for one like Luty designed. I would also like to see if the charging handle is retained.

    I have to say this looks to be a well done example, better done than anything I could come up with.