Homemade 23MM Sniper Rifle in Syria

Ray I.
by Ray I.

There’s been a lot of interesting firearms being spotted in Syria during the recent conflict over there. From vintage WWII weapons, Bubba’d Mosin Nagants to a remote controlled Sturmgewehr 44. Here’s another interesting rifle, a homemade 23mm “sniper” rifle that they appear to be using to punch holes into enemy positions. At least they’re using hearing protection.

[Sourece: r/CombatFootage]

Ray I.
Ray I.

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  • AldanFerrox AldanFerrox on Jul 07, 2015

    This thing is more like a light artillery piece, and not a rifle.

    • Southpaw89 Southpaw89 on Jul 07, 2015

      @AldanFerrox They certainly seem to be using it that way, cant say I blame them either, I would not want to fire that thing with my eye anywhere near the scope.

  • Alex Nicolin Alex Nicolin on Jul 08, 2015

    Allahu akbar ability +50 damage :)