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M2 .50 caliber machine gun seized AN/M2 POTD: The Browning M2 Minigun? Überschweres Maschinengewehr M2 POTD: The Last Stand - M2HB The Rimfire Report: 40mm to 22 LR Sub-Cal Adapters - A Wall of Angry Bees Vigilance Rifles M20 (1) The Hungarian-made GM6 Lynx .50-cal is now being imported into the US. M2 machine guns, like the 243 that Belgium is buying from FN, have been dominating battlefields for decades. VOERE M2 mit Polymerschaft MK 323 Mod 1 polymer ammo(MAC LLC/Nammo)

[SHOT 2018] Cadex M2 .50 BMG KOLOS Sight Mount and M2 Cradle Mount

Cadex Defense had two recently introduced products specifically for the .50 BMG M2 Heavy Machine Gun on display at their booth at SHOT 2018. The first one was their KOLOS sight mount, meant as a lighter and less obtrusive alternative to the earlier SOLO sight mount. [Read More…]