New Modular Stock for Voere LBW-M, M2 and X3 Rifles

    VOERE M2 mit Polymerschaft

    VOERE Präzisionstechnik GmbH from the Tirol Area in Austria have developed a brand new modular stock in polymer for their LBW-M, M2 and X3 models.

    There is a space at the rear of the stock, which can accommodate either a magazine or an insert that can hold your monopod for instance. You can see the video below how it works, as there are no pictures that show this feature.

    Below: The VOERE M2 with the new stock. Calibers from .223 Rem to 300 Win Mag.

    VOERE M2 mit Polymerschaft

    Below: The VOERE LBW-M with the new option. This rifle uses the same calibers as the M2 above.

    Below: The VOERE X3 comes in calibers up to 408 CheyTac. Priced from around €7,000, this is the heavy-duty rifle.

    VOERE X3

    If you “need” a larger caliber there is also the M2 model in .50 BMG. The price of the X5 starts from around € 9,500 in Europe, which is about 10,700 USD. It is not available with the new stock, not yet anyway.

    From Voere’s description:

    NEW Modular Polymerstock or VOERE LBW-M, VOERE M2 and VOERE X3 models – Short presentation of our polymer shaft for VOERE M2

    Modular plastic butt stock for models M2 / X3 – suitable for models M2 and X3

    Installation by a qualified gunsmith!

    With Mod. X3 magazine holder lever for exchange

    The price for the new stock for the M2/X3 is €642.40

    You can find the new stock here: direct link.

    Here is a video, in German/Austrian, that explains all the functions of the new stock. The possibility to store a spare magazine is pretty clever, and not seen so often on long range precision rifle stocks.

    My all-time favourite firearm from Voere is the S16, a very light Sten-styled Suppressed Rifle that takes AR15 magazines.

    What do you think of Voere’s new stock? Do you wish it was available for your rifle as well?

    Eric B

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