POTD: Coronavirus and the M2 Browning Machine Gun

    Today we have some really nice pictures from France, and the 35e Régiment d’Infanterie.
    This is all about the .50 BMG heavy machine gun called M2HB Browning, as the sun sets at a military shooting range somewhere. It’s almost romantic! The M2 Browning is a beast, but something nice to have on your side.
    The M2 Browning weighs 38 kg (83.78 lb), but with the tripod used here, it is 58 kg (127.87 lb). That’s one of the reasons why you are more likely to see it attached to some kind of vehicle or vessel.

    As you can see, the M2 is air-cooled and feeds from a belt. It fires from a closed bolt, using the short recoil principle.

    The sights on this particular gun are old school.

    Belts of .50 BMG or 12.7 × 99 mm NATO.

    The M2 was designed in 1918 by John M. Browning. It’s amazing that the design has been around for over 100 years.

    All pictures by the French Army, 35e Régiment d’Infanterie.