POTD: Rooftop Norwegians with Barret M82 .50 BMG

    The Barrett M82 in .50 BMG isn’t the first firearm I think of to be used in urban sniping for a number of reasons, but the Soldiers from the Norwegian Homeguard seem to be on a limitless budget.

    The effective range of the M82 is around 1 800 yards, if not longer. And it’s commonly referred to as an anti-material weapon rather than an anti-personnel.

    Here you can see some really cool pictures of the unit Derby as they train at the Akershus fortress.

    If you haven’t been to Oslo, the capitol of Norway, these pictures are taken downtown Oslo and in various locations in the Oslo City Center.







    Nothing but the best. MSA hearing protection and Swarovski spotter. Some snus (nicotine) close-by as well. Have you ever tried snus? (moist powder tobacco)

    The model used in the pictures is called: “Barret M82A1NG”

    Spotter:  “Looks like that guy left his car running, better shut off the engine for him. Send it”

    The other rifles is a Heckler & Koch 416 with an Aimpoint.

    I have tried to figure out with optic the Barret M82 uses, but I’m not sure. The mega-binocular is a Leica Vector.

    All pictures taken by: Torbjørn Kjosvold / Forsvaret.


    Now I only hope that the Violent Little Machine Shop will make an appropriate patch or sticker, like the Roof Korean Sticker.