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Winter Deployment 2022 FN Minimi Norway Norwegian Telemark Battalion Exercise Cold Response 2022 M249 Light Machine Gun Heckler Koch MP7 POTD: M16A4 at Live-Fire Range - Exercise Cold Response 2022 Norwegian FN Minimi in Bamako Royal Norwegian Air Force 339 Squadron Norwegian Snipers Targets Beyond 2200 Yards - Barrett MRAD Low-flying F-35A Fighter Jet Norwegian SWAT Team Norwegian Home Guard department Sture barrett mrad norway POTD: Norwegian Special Operations Commando in Afghanistan (2005) HK416N

In Memory of Jan Foss (1938-2021)

Earlier this summer we were notified that the winner of the first official IPSC Handgun World Champion, Jan Foss from Norway, sadly had passed away at the age of 82 on June 12, 2021. Mr. Foss became the World Champion in practical shooting in 1976 during the IPSC [Read More…]

Norwegian Engineering Team Trident Juncture 2018 POTD: Disassembled HK416 from The Norwegian Armed Forces Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando with HK417 POTD: H&K MP7 & K9 in Quick Reaction Force FN Minimi Norway POTD: Sniper from Marinejegerkommandoen with HK417 & Colt C8 Jegertroppen POTD: Norwegian Special Operation Commandos (FSK) POTD: Barrett MRAD .338 Sniper Rifle in Norway