M2 Machine Guns for Belgium: 243 New .50s Purchased from FN

Will P
by Will P
M2 machine guns, like the 243 that Belgium is buying from FN, have been dominating battlefields for decades.

Belgium’s own Fabrique Nationale Herstal, known as FN Herstal or simply FN for short, has produced some phenomenal and highly successful guns over its 131 year history. From their contributions in the handgun market with pistols like the Hi-Power and Five-Seven, to rifles like the P90 and SCAR series – and many more – FN has made some memorable guns.

Some have been their own in-house designs while others are collaborations or licensed models from other companies, and one in the latter category is the Browning-parented .50-cal M2 heavy machine gun. One of the longest-serving weapons in many nations’ arsenals, the M2 “Ma Deuce” was first designed by John Moses Browning 102 years ago and evolved into its recognisable configuration in 1933. FN has manufactured M2s since the 1930s, and they continue to do so today. In a 6th July Belgian Defense press release, it was announced that their home country will be purchasing 243 new M2s from FN.

FN's catalog gives details on the "Ma Deuce".

The release reads as follows:

FN also makes modern versions of the M2 for aircraft, like those seen on either side of this helo's cockpit.

If you’re one of the military veterans or lucky few civilians who has had the opportunity to fire one of these awesome machine guns, you know what a powerful weapon the M2 is. Countless warfighters have employed these .50-cals with tremendous effectiveness, from WWII to the Global War on Terror and in between. With Belgium’s newest acquisition, the Ma Deuce is sure to continue its service for years to come. See you at the range!

Photos courtesy of FN Herstal.
Will P
Will P

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  • Mr.T Mr.T on Jul 14, 2020

    Pathetic they still make this prehistoric crap , that is beyond medicore in all respects in comparison to modern HMG designs.

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    • MAE MAE on Jul 14, 2020

      @Mr.T I’m sure the folks signing the contracts know what they’re buying.

  • Mazkact Mazkact on Jul 14, 2020

    FN: How many would you like ? Belgium: 242 no lets see 244 no 243 ya that's it 243 should do it.