Norway looking for new .50 BMG Heavy Machine Guns

    The top picture is taken by Rune Haarstad / Sjøforsvaret when the naval force SNMG1 NATO enters London, UK, with the frigate Otto Sverdrup.

    The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) is the authority for procurement to the armed forces. The general level of activity is about 200 different material projects.

    Photo above: Alexander Sylte / Forsvaret

    You can check “their” material and small arms here, there are some interesting high-tech projects and purchasing going on there for sure and as an oil nation, they seem to have loads to spend.

    For instance, they have also bought the F-35 Lightning II, see more here.

    Below: .50 BMG and 5,56×45 NATO side by side, yes that’s an HK416.

    Jakob Østheim / Forsvaret.


    Specifically, you can check the small arms here. You can’t blame them for having a poor taste in firearms or shallow pockets.

    Now the time has come for Norway to upgrade their Heavy Machine Guns (HMG).

    They are looking to procure up to 1,300 M2 Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs), including tools and spares in a seven-year contract.

    Initially, they will buy 1,100 Heavy Machine Guns to replace and upgrade the current ones in use.

    According to Jane’s 360 possible bidders may include FN Herstal/FNH UK, US Ordnance, and General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

    The specification for the new system should include a quick-change barrel system, as well as compatibility with Nammo, linked 12.7×99 mm (.50 BMG) ammunition.

    The mounts used will be the existing Vinghog NM152 soft mounts as well as the Kongsberg Protector Nordic and Sea Protector Weapon Stations.

    Photo: Gunmen at HNoMS Roald Amundsen during exercise Dynamic Mongoose 2017 just before entering Reykjavik (Iceland), taken by Jakob Østheim / Forsvaret.

    Jakob Østheim / Forsvaret.

    Note the submarine in the background. Photo by Jakob Østheim / Forsvaret.

    Get some!

    Jakob Østheim / Forsvaret.

    Source: Jane’s 360 and Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency.

    Who do you think will win the order and why?

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