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Canadian P320 Withdrawn After Alleged Special Forces Misfire POTD: Green Berets in a Polaris MRZR Off-Road Utility Vehicle Hk416f france Ed Brown SOCOM Edition Special Forces 1911 (1)


There are not enough pictures of the NAVY SEALs here at TFB, but today we try to improve with some astonishing pictures of the SEALs in an unusual environment. In case you didn’t know, the abbreviation stands for SEa, Air and Land. Some of these pictures give the [Read More…]

MP9 Tv still showing sqaud with QTS-11

Customized AK-105 with 1P87 sight, 60-round magazine and RMB-93 shotgun

Do you like customized AKs? Look no further, just scroll down and enjoy the pictures and YouTube video below.As the company Raid Gear in Russia shot their promotion video they used some interesting firearms and gear. Here you can see the 1P87 optic. I wonder where they [Read More…]