POTD: UK Rangers In Swedish Subarctic Terrain

    POTD: UK Rangers In Swedish Subarctic Terrain

    Welcome to TFB’s Photo Of The Day! The Ranger Regiment is a newly formed unit within the United Kingdom’s army. Their 1st Battalion is normally based in Northern Ireland. UK Rangers are part of the UK Special Operations Brigade.

    Since 2017, Sweden has been part of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) – a British framework for a rapid response force whose purpose is to be able to act in crises. Ten nations are currently participating in the collaboration, and the force can act independently or together with NATO.

    Here we see British rangers that practiced together with ranger soldiers at Norrland’s dragoon regiment. Just like “Norrlandsjägarna”, British Ranger regiments are what are usually called knapsack units, they sleep in their own tent. The soldiers operate in small groups and bring with them everything they need to carry out their tasks in areas controlled by the enemy. They have the ability to stay behind enemy lines for a long time and conduct reconnaissance there and knock out the opponent’s most important resources – for example, functions for logistics, management, and communication.

    Photo: Philip Svanberg/Försvarsmakten / Swedish Armed Forces. (Source)