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Wheelgun Wednesday - A Look at Bird's Head Grips Strike Industries Angled Vertical M-LOK Grip with Cable Management Feature (26) Sharps Bros To Make TC Contender Aluminum Grips (1) Phoenix Technology Featureless AR-15 and AK-47 Grips (1) [SHOT 2020] KNS Precision Galil ACE Aluminum LowerGrip and Adjustable AK Aperture Sight (1) Wojtek Weaponry AR-15 Grip Compatible BEAR Opener (1)

[SHOT 2018] Ryker FISTGrip, an Offset, Picatinny mounted “Horizontal Grip”

The Ryker FIST Grip is a new take on Picatinny mounted forward grips. Instead of being mounted at the 6 o’clock position like virtually every other forward grip on the market, the RYKER is designed to be mounted at the 3 or 9 o’clock of any firearm that has [Read More…]


USMC Rifles, IARs, to Get More Integrated: Australian Company Kord Defense Wins Development Contract for Rifle Accessory Control Unit

Australian technology company Kord Defense has been awarded an 18-month, $2.25 million United States Marine Corps developmental contract for development and production of a Rifle Accessory Control Unit (RACU), which would attach to existing M4 Carbines and M27 IARs and [Read More…]

Hexmag Grip

Hexmag AR15 Grip

Shoot outside of an air-conditioned range – especially here in Florida – and you’ll quickly discover the need for one of two things: gloves or texturing on every gun contact point.  Maybe both!  Sweaty hands and smooth polymer don’t play well together, [Read More…]