Prohands Tactical – Handgun Grip Training Tool

    Prohands Tactical is a handgun grip strength training tool. It allows doing exercises for the muscles of your fingers and wrist to have a tighter handgun grip and improve the control over the firearm. The tool has a spring loaded piston for each finger and a spring loaded backstrap.

    Having a stronger grip is a good aid to shooting fundamentals knowledge. Strong grip helps to fight the recoil and come back to the target faster, which in turn results in quicker follow-up shots. So holding the gun firmly is good, but you have to combine it with hitting the target accurately. Prohands Tactical also allows you to train your ability to stay on target while maintaining a strong grip. It has a laser sight (or rather laser designator) mounted on top of it. The laser makes it easy to see what happens with the point of aim when you grip the gun tightly.

    Prohands Tactical comes fully assembled with one of the following spring tension options:

    • Light – 5lbs of tension on each finger
    • Medium – 7lbs per finger
    • Heavy – 9lbs per finger
    • X-Heavy – 11lbs per finger

    It is also possible to insert plugs blocking one or more pistons. This comes handy when you need to train say the trigger finger only.

    Note the plugs installed under all pistons except the one for trigger finger

    There are also several exercise programs suggested by the manufacturer, which you can read about here.

    Prohands Tactical is available through at MSRP of $44.95.

    I think it would be better if they made this device heavy, to simulate the weight of the gun. This way users could also train to manage the handgun weight.

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