Sauer ERGO HEAT – World’s First Rifle Stock With a Heated Grip

    Sauer has introduced a heating system for bolt action rifle stocks called ERGO HEAT. The company claims that it is the world’s first such system. It is designed to heat the pistol grip portion of the stock to make it more comfortable to hold the rifle as well as to keep your fingers warm and retain the dexterity of the trigger finger when shooting in cold environment.

    This system is designed for Classic XT, Synchro XT and Synchro XTC stocks of Sauer S 303 and S 404 rifles. Right now it comes only with the new rifles and can’t be purchased separately. There are three heat levels that can be set via the provided remote controller or via Sauer ERGO HEAT application available for both Android and iOS. The LED light integrated into the rear sling swivel socket, shows the selected heat level by blinking.

    The battery is rechargeable. When used on highest heat level it lasts 2 hours of continuous use. The battery life for the lowest heat level is 7 hours. Recharging is accomplished via the provided charger. The charging port is also located inside the sling swivel socket. You can also use any USB power source to charge the batteries of ERGO HEAT system.

    I can’t think of any significant drawbacks of this kind of electronics integration into the firearm’s design. It may increase the overall weight, but I think it should not be significant either. Another reason why such an electronic system is a great feature is that it doesn’t affect the mechanism and the shooting process itself. Even if the batteries die or the system malfunctions, the functionality of your weapon won’t be compromised.

    Hrachya H

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