MasterPiece Arms Enhanced Vertical Grip

    MasterPiece Arms has designed a new precision shooting grip for their BA rifle chassis. The new grip is called EVG which stands for Enhanced Vertical Grip. As the name implies, the grip is vertical in relation to the bore axis. It also features a large palm swell and extended rests for the trigger finger and for your thumb.

    The thumb rest is on the right side of the grip and it means that you are supposed to grip it with the recent precision shooting technique when your thumb doesn’t come from the left side of the grip but rests above your trigger finger.

    The grip is made of injection molded polymer. It also comes with a grip tape installed in the places where more friction is necessary to ensure a good grip. The EVG grip attaches to the rifle through what MasterPiece Arms refers to as A2 type attachment (probably meaning M16A2). That being said, it should work with AR-15s and other rifles utilizing AR-15 grip attachment. However, as the company admits, it may need some modifications. Here is a video released by the manufacturer:

    The EVG grip is available through MasterPiece Arms’ website at MSRP of $39.95.

    I think the grip looks to be well thought out, but this is one of those things that you can’t have a solid opinion on unless you try it. Also, things like this grip are usually a matter of personal preference. It can work great for most of the people but don’t fit your hand well depending on your body structure.

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