FAB Defense Transparent Grip for Makarov Pistols

    We have earlier reported about the FAB Defense release of the PM-G Makarov grip which not only gives the old Mak a nice grip shape, texture and beaver tail but perhaps, more importantly, converts the magazine release from heel to thumb one. Recently FAB Defense introduced the transparent version of the PM-G grip dedicated to the Russian market.

    Images by www.fab-defense.pro

    Obviously, the advantage of having a transparent grip is that it allows seeing the rounds inside the magazine. Makarov pistols have a wide opening cut on the sides of the magazine which make it possible to see the amount of remaining cartridges inside the magazine, through the transparent grip.

    Makarov Pistol magazines of different production years

    The company officials told me that this was an order from their Russian partner. So it is kind of a dealer special. Right now they are not planning to sell it in other countries, but they don’t exclude the possibility depending on the demand.

    Many people consider military surplus firearms like the Makarov pistol as a good budget conceal carry firearm option. No matter if you like the Makarov pistol or hate it, it is a reliable tool. It is not the most beautiful gun in the world, neither the most ergonomic one, but it is reliable and built like a tank. That being said, if it is your defensive weapon for whatever reason (budget, duty or just preference), then such an aftermarket grip is a very good improvement. Plus, it doesn’t require permanent modifications to the pistol and you can always swap the grips back returning the gun its original appearance. In this context, maybe the possibility to see the ammunition in the magazine is an advantage too.

    The existence of modern self-defense 9x18mm ammunition like the Hornady Critical Defense also makes the Makarov pistol more suitable for the defensive role. Of course, if you can upgrade to a modern reliable brand pistol with higher capacity, you’d better do it.

    If I was designing this transparent grip, I would add only a transparent vertical window at the portion where it is needed. On the other hand, it would be harder to manufacture compared to molding the entire grip from a clear plastic.

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