[SHOT 2018] Ryker FISTGrip, an Offset, Picatinny mounted “Horizontal Grip”

    The Ryker FIST Grip is a new take on Picatinny mounted forward grips. Instead of being mounted at the 6 o’clock position like virtually every other forward grip on the market, the RYKER is designed to be mounted at the 3 or 9 o’clock of any firearm that has Picatinny rails on the handguards. Interestingly this includes pump-action shotguns with Picatinny equipped shotgun forends. The grip can be altered for a left or right-handed configuration by simply disassembling it and reversing the direction of the grip placement on the Picatinny rail adaptor.

    Originally intended for shooters with medical disabilities that make conventional shooting stances difficult, the designer of the RYKER realized that it could be useful for controlling rifles and even light machine guns under heavy or constant recoil. Although the grip can be configured ambidextrously, in its actual use it can only be used from one side (unless it is reconfigured for the other side). That and the possibility of it breaking at the Picatinny adapter point under extreme stress are the only complaints I have about the grip in its current form.

    The company’s instagram page shows it being used by MARSOC guys at Lejeune on a field training exercise with an M249 SAW. There was previously a video of it being used online, but this has since been taken down. None of these uses appear to be official procurement but are more along the lines of Marines in these units getting ahold of the product and trying it out.

    It is unclear whether or not the rifle in use here is actually being used by a MARSOC Marine or is probably a contractor on an overseas contract.

    Apart from the actual design of the device, one key fact that stands out is the marketing and branding. With the website, the Instagram page, and even the actual packaging that it comes in Ryker USA Inc, has really hit SHOT 2018 hard in getting their product out there in a professional way that is visually appealing. The design intent was that the box had to look at home in an Apple store or otherwise similarly branded retail chain that is both modern and simple.


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