Recover Tactical’s New Hi Power Grips

    Recover Tactical posted a few pictures on their Facebook page of a prototype grip set that they’re working on for the Browning Hi Power pistol. Recover Tactical’s first product was their grip sets for the 1911. They’re a polymer composite two piece system that attaches to 1911s that don’t already have a rail giving the user the option to mount a weapons light or laser onto their 1911. Check out our review of the 1911 grips from last year. They’re super easy to install with no permanent mods done to your pistol, they’re made in Israel and come with a lifetime warranty from Recover Tactical.

    Recover Tactical also released a grip and rail set for the Beretta 92 pistols as well as a Glock rail attachment for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Glock 17 and 22 that attaches to the trigger guard. Word on the street is they’re also working on a grip and rail set for the Makarov pistol. No word yet on when the Browning Hi Power or the Makarov pistol grip and rail sets will be released or on a price point. Their grip sets retail from $34.95 up to $54.95 so they’re most likely going to fall somewhere in there. Check them out at for more info.


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