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POTD: Milrem Robotics

In Today’s Photo we take a look at Milrem Robotics, and perhaps the future of the battlefield. Above you can see it deployed for the first time with the FN Herstal DeFNder Medium cupola, with a 12.7mm HMG. Milrem Robotics’ was established in 2013 and their main [Read More…]

VOERE X5 Bolt Action Rifle (1) Canadian PGW Defence to Export .50 Caliber Rifles to Ukraine 660 SKAT GM-200 (15) SNIPEX rhino hunter

POTD: .17-50 BMG

Thanks Adam S. for sharing this. Adam gets some interesting customers at his work. One thing I miss about working behind the gun counter is the oddball stuff that comes in once in a while. One of Adam’s customers brought this in. One of my customers said he [Read More…]