.50 BMG Kills Deer Without Touching It?

    Keith Warren is helping a Management Hunt to take down some does. He uses a Barret .50bmg rifle. In this particular case he tries for a head shot and the doe goes down instantly. It is like a magic trick how fast the dear went down.

    According to Keith, the bullet did not touch the deer and he believes the shockwave or vacuum sucked the eyeballs out the skull.

    I conversed with our resident Ammo Guru, Nathaniel F to see if .50 BMG can produce this immense of a shockwave. And while it does produce a super sonic shockwave it is small in the grand scheme of things. Nathaniel believes Kevin did not miss but rather shot the doe through the eyeballs. If you look at the video, the doe’s head was turned to the side. And deer skull orbital sockets are large. So it is conceivable that the bullet went through the head and out the other side.

    The amount of trauma to this doe’s head does not seem likely from a mere shockwave off of a .50bmg bullet. Think of other things that create sonic booms and shockwaves. Jets are much louder and can shatter windows but you don’t have people bleeding from the eyes and mouth because of it.


    Here is a video by Demolition Ranch where he shoots at some light weight targets and they are not disturbed by a .50bmg. Nothing happens to the solo cups or the playing cards. Is there magic to the .50 bmg that doesnt show in these tests? Or is it just a big pack of lies.

    I think I agree with Nathaniel and am skeptical of this doe being killed by a .50bmg shockwave. Kevin said he skinned the skull, but I say boil it and really take a look.

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