POTD: German Semtecx Mini .50BMG

    I saw this odd mini .50bmg rifle while roaming IWA in Nuremberg. However it was on display in a Chinese distributor booth. They had an information sheet but it shows a mini .50bmg pistol variant of this rifle. According to the info sheet this is made by Semtecx Mechanics UG. I went to the website listed on the left side of the page but was unable to find this mini .50bmg behemoth on their website.

    CALIBER .50 BMG Barrel length: 430 mm Overall length: 615 mm  Weight: 7.2 kg Caliber: 12.7×99 mm (.50 BMG) see options Type: Pistol, single loader  Cylinder lock 2 locking lugs Center ielfernrohr according to customer requirements, here Make Thompson Lock: Sight Arms System WTS / Gerlach lock: adjustable, rollover, system WTS / Gerlach puller multi – level, securing handle lock, system WTS / Gerlach compensator 50 BMG) depending on the offer 12,7 x 99 mm Ammunition: Suhl Amtl shelling Standard version Versions (as ill. without engraving and fish skin) 1983 riflescope, light mounting rail auxiliary headlight, night vision device, options: shoulder support extendable or customer request device for further calibers on

    According to the info sheet above the .50bmg pistol weighs almost 16 lbs and the barrel is 16.9″ long so this is not an SBR. But it looks like it given the proportions.


    Im not sure how practical a single shot mini .50bmg pistol would be. The FDE version has a stock but I can imaging the recoil would be rather substantial. There are some odd design choices going on here. The trigger guard is ridiculously long but not long enough to loop your support thumb through like a Beretta 93R. The top of the gun does not have an rail system but you could easily attach one. I wonder what the vents on the side of the receiver are for? It is a single shot 16″ barreled firearm chambered in .50bmg, Would this get hot enough that it needs heat vents at those locations? I suspect they may be there for aesthetic reasons.