POTD: Falkland Islands Defence Force

    Welcome to TFB’s own Photo Of The Day. As the name indicates, we dedicate this series to interesting and unique pictures on a daily basis.

    Today’s pictures are from the Falkland Islands Defence Force, and we’re looking at a soldier with a .50 Browning Machine Gun. The vehicle, which I presume is a Land Rover, reminds me of the old British SAS Jeeps.

    Caption from the Falkland Islands Defence Force:

    The Defence Force recently took part of the joint capability exercise with British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI), the Roulement Infantry Company Patrol was rapidly deployed to a location by helicopter. The FIDF provided essential Force Protection for the patrol and the helicopter landing site before traveling cross country to deliver the patrol to a maritime extraction point.

    HMS FORTH then used their maritime assets to extract the patrol from the remote shore and acted as a forward operating base, maintaining a vital communication link back to MPC. This successful exercise was a great opportunity for the FIDF to work closely with our colleagues from BFSAI and exercise joint capabilities within the Falklands.

    Want to know more about the Falkland Islands which is home to a little over 3000 people? Check the Wikipedia article.

    I couldn’t spot a single SA-80s in these pictures, but if you’re missing them check out below.

    We’ve visited that subject before, in SA-80 in the Falklands Onion Ranges.

    For more information about The Falklands War in 1982, check out or visit the Imperial War Museum London.