New VOERE X5 Bolt Action Rifle Chambered in .50 BMG

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by Hrachya H
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Austrian firearms manufacturer VOERE Präzisionstechnik GmbH has added another rifle to their X-series of tactical bolt-action rifles. The new Voere X5 is chambered in .50 BMG which makes it the largest one in this family of rifles. The rifle has some really interesting features that set it apart from the competition.

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As you have probably noticed, the Voere X5 largely resembles the Voere X4 rifle. It turns out, this rifle has a modular design and basically can be converted into an X4 or other X-series Voere tactical bolt-action rifles. In order to make the caliber conversions easier, the three-lug bolt head is removable.

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The Voere X5 rifle also has a high level of ambidexterity. The bolt design and the existence of ejection ports on either side of the aluminum receiver allow changing both the bolt handle side and the ejection direction. The stock of the rifle can also be folded to the right or left side and lastly, the magazine release lever is ambidextrous, too.

Another interesting design feature of this rifle is the set of linear ball bearings built into the receiver (see the image below). These bearings should make the action extremely smooth and ensure that the large steel bolt doesn’t rub against the aluminum receiver.

Note the linear bearings built into the rear receiver ring

The Voere X5 rifle features an adjustable stock (length of pull), cheek rest and recoil pad. The height of the built-in monopod can be adjusted, too. The forward receiver extension/forearm has Picatinny rails on 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions and a bipod adapter. There are QD sling swivel sockets both on the stock and the forearm. The rifle can also be equipped with an NVD rail extension or a mirage band. The pistol grip is compatible with the AR-15 platform.

The free-floated 32″ (813mm) long barrel of Voere X5 rifle has a 1:15 twist rate. Optionally, the rifle can be equipped with a fluted stainless steel barrel. The large muzzle brake has a threaded front end (covered with a thread protector) which is designed to allow attaching a suppressor. According to the company officials, they’ve designed a suppressor that mounts onto these threads but also encloses the muzzle brake itself.

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The trigger pull weight of the two-stage trigger is adjustable from 1.55 to 2.85 lbs (700 to 1300 grams). The rifle also features a two-position safety as well as an automatic safety mechanism that disengages only when the bolt is completely closed ensuring the impossibility of an out of battery discharge.

The trigger guard can be rotated aside to make it easier using the rifle with heavy winter gloves.

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Voere X5 rifle has an overall length of 56″ (142 centimeters) and weighs about 26 lbs (11.9 kilograms). It is fed from detachable 4-round box magazines. The rifle is available in black or FDE color options. It can also be ordered as a multicolor one combining the mentioned colors.

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  • GR8 B8 GR8 B8 on Dec 31, 2018

    those balls are going to make sure this gun becomes unreliable, in semi tough climate conditions... Got to clean this one good!

  • Chase Chase on Dec 31, 2018

    WTF would you put a linear bearing integrated into the receiver?! The biggest benefit of element bearings is that the balls and races are replaceable. What are you gunna do with that when it wears or gets dirty?!
    A surface type bearing would have a lot more contact area and subsequently greater support WITH lower force concentration.