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Custom shop Rival Arms is expanding their product offerings to support Sig P320 and P365 handguns.

Rival Arms Announces Upgrade Parts for SIG P320 and P365 Pistols

Texas-based Rival Arms has made their name primarily as a Glock shop. While they do offer a handful of products for other firearms, like barrels for some Smith & Wesson handguns and a Ruger 10/22 chassis, the majority of their offerings to date have been Glock parts [Read More…]

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[SHOT 2020] Strike Industries Sentinel Rifles, G19 80% Frame, P320 Grip Module, Scouter Sight, Scorpion Parts, and More

Last year, Strike Industries released over 50 new products – that’s one new product per week on average. And looks like in 2020 the mad scientists at the SI R&D department are going to keep that insane rate. Let’s take a look at each of the new [Read More…]

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