New Strike Modular Chassis ALPHA for the SIG P320

    New Strike Modular Chassis ALPHA for the SIG P320 - Strike Industries

    The long wait is over! The Strike Modular Chassis ALPHA is here from the folks over at Strike Industries. The Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) was announced way back at the beginning of this year at SHOT Show 2023 and takes your standard P320 fire control group, slide, and barrel, and converts them into a more modular package capable of accepting more attachments. Today Strike Industries is pleased to announce the release of the Strike Modular Chassis Alpha which is their standard length model to match the full-size SIG P320 and its 4.7″ slide and barrel.

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    New Strike Modular Chassis ALPHA for the SIG P320 - Strike Industries

    New Strike Modular Chassis ALPHA for the SIG P320 – Strike Industries

    The Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) – ALPHA for SIG SAUER P320 (Standard) by Strike Industries is THE MOST MODULAR SIG SAUER P320 CHASSIS IN THE WORLD. With included and sold separately optional SMC parts and accessories, 20+ configurations possible for each user to setup exactly how they want it. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, this P320 chassis is sturdier and more durable than polymer for hard use. The SMC Standard length is setup to be a match for the full-size P320 4.7” slide and barrel. When used with a Carry/Compact P320 3.9” slide and barrel, the SMC chassis dust cover will overhang past the muzzle. SMC Standard use with P320 3.6” slide and barrel is not recommended. Included in the box is an Ambidextrous Side Charging Handle with Slide Cover Mount so each SMC user can decide which side you want to rack the slide with. The SMC Rear Module Backstrap is pre-installed on the SMC chassis which gives the user rear ambidextrous QD sockets and a rear Picatinny rail mount to attach any accessories. The SMC Multi-Optic Mount allows you to use just about any Mini/Micro Red Dot Sight (MRDS) on the market with footprint fitment for C-More, DeltaPoint Pro, Docter/Noblex, RMR, Shield and all SIG SAUER Open Reflex Sights. The SMC chassis and optional to use Spare Magazine Holder for SIG SAUER P320 both include the SI Modular Magazine Release and is pre-installed. The Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) is the new modular standard for the SIG SAUER P320 platform. Simply insert a P320 FCU (9mm/.357SIG/.40S&W) and complete slide assembly along with your favorite SMC accessories and you are ready to go.

    The Strike Modular Chassis Alpha is currently being sold directly from the Strike Industries website for a price of $549.95. The kit comes complete with an optional Spare Magazine Holder with SI Modular Mag Release, as well as the pictured SMC Multi-Optic Mount which has mounting footprints for the most popular red dots on the market including the C-MORE, DeltaPoint Pro, Docter/Noblex, RMR, Shield, and all SIG SAUER open reflex sight patterns. For more information or to order visit

    New Strike Modular Chassis ALPHA for the SIG P320 - Strike Industries

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