BREAKING: Canada Selects SIG Sauer P320

    BREAKING: Canada Selects SIG Sauer P320

    Sig Delivers 100,000th MHS handgun to US Armed Forces

    The Canadian government has announced that the SIG Sauer P320 will replace the Browning HiPower. The Canadian government will procure an initial batch of 7,000 pistols and holster systems for the Canadian Army. There will be a follow-up option to procure up to 9,500 more pistols for further elements of the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and Military Police.

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    The Canadian government also revealed that the pistols will be known as the C22 full frame modular pistol in Canadian service. They are to be procured through Charlton Co. Ltd. of Victoria, B.C. and a holster system will be procured along with the new sidearms. The value of the contract is reported to be $3.7 million (USD). Anita Anand, Canada’s Minister of National Defence, said:

    The Government of Canada is committed to providing the Canadian Armed Forces with the equipment they need when they need it. Replacing the Browning 9mm with the C22 full frame modular pistol (Sig Sauer P320) will help ensure the continued operational readiness and effectiveness of all our members. We look forward to the delivery of these new pistols and holster systems in the coming year.

    BREAKING: Canada Selects SIG Sauer P320

    Canadian Army Pistol training with the Hi-Power (Canadian Army)

    The selection of the P320 comes just as Australian, another HiPower user, announced they would be adopting the P320 XCarry Pro.

    Canada has been in search of a replacement for their venerable HiPower since at least 2011 when the Canadian Department of National Defence had planned to order 10,000 new handguns but the project was cancelled due to the reluctance of foreign firearms manufacturers to share technical data packages with Colt Canada for local production.

    Since 2017 the search has continued. Canada’s special forces have used the P320 for several years but in 2021 it was reported by Canadian media that the pistols had been withdrawn following an alleged misfire, it is unknown when or if the pistols returned to service. In 2020 the search for a new pistol for the regular army resumed.

    The Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada, Helena Jaczek, added:

    This contract will provide our troops with modern, reliable pistols and holsters to carry out their work, while supporting economic opportunities for the Canadian defence industry.

    The Canadian government’s announcement states that the contract will include the pistols, holster systems, spares, and operator and maintenance training. Delivery of the new C22 pistols will begin in mid-2023.

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