Canadian Armed Forces Begin Transition to SIG Sauer P320

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
Canadian soldier with C22 pistol (Canadian Armed Forces)

In October 2022, the Canadian government announced that the SIG Sauer P320 will be replacing the iconic Browning HiPower which have been in service for nearly 80 years. The Canadian government will procure an initial batch of 7,000 pistols and holster systems for the Canadian Army.

Canadian soldier with a C22 pistol (Canadian Armed Forces)

In Canadian service, the pistol will be designated the C22 and SIG Sauer have given an update on Canada’s transition to the new pistol. The delivery of the initial batch has been completed with the Canadian Army beginning to roll out the pistol to units.

Canadian soldier with a C22 pistol (Canadian Armed Forces)

Here’s SIG Sauer’s statement in full:

SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has officially transitioned to the SIG SAUER P320 and received the official designation of C22. The initial delivery of 7,000 pistols is complete and soldier fielding of the C22 is in progress to replace the Browning 9mm adopted in 1944.

“The selection process for the C22 was extremely competitive with safety, reliability, and accuracy at the forefront – the P320 delivers on all fronts and ensures operational readiness and effectiveness for the Canadian Armed Forces,” began Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “For the first time in nearly eighty years our northern allies will field a modern, reliable pistol to support and carry out their mission.”

The C22 is a P320 modular, full-size, 9mm striker-fired pistol. The C22, contract pistol enhancements including improved ergonomic design, 17-round capacity, and a loaded chamber indicator that is visible to the user at any angle. Additionally, the C22 features the SIG SAUER P320 innovative 3-point takedown safety for pistol disassembly which does not require a trigger pull for disassembly and the five-point safety system making it the safest and most dependable pistol available.

“SIG SAUER is honored that the P320 is the official sidearm of the Canadian Armed Forces, and proud of the positive feedback we are receiving throughout their transition to the P320,” concluded Jankiewicz.

Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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  • TheUnspoken TheUnspoken on Jun 28, 2023

    I wonder what the configuration is for these? It's hard to tell from the action shots, though looks like maybe a full rail vs the short rail on the M17. Color looks shades of FDE perfect for fighting in foreign deserts.

    Can't tell if it has a manual safety like the M17 or whether they went modern and skipped it.

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    • TheGreatDeception TheGreatDeception on Jun 28, 2023

      @TheUnspoken They are buying basically a P320 Full-Size, but with a tan-like cerakote, and based on the photos released it is the "newer" version of the optic ready slide with independent rear dovetail from optic plate.

  • Duro Sig Duro Sig on Jun 28, 2023

    the shooting grip from these photos is LOL.