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New Faxon Muzzle Devices

Faxon Firearms announced a pair of new muzzle devices that are available immediately. They are the Gunner and the Flame. Gunner The Gunner is a three port muzzle brake that the company designed to combine recoil reduction with usability. According to the company, the [Read More…]

MP40 found in Australia

These news items are always so interesting when they come up, as if to say “Dear god, a working firearm!” Anyways, in Sydney, Australia apparently some criminals were stashing a modified No.4 Lee Enfield and an MP40 in an abandoned house, intending to do [Read More…]

Bird of Prey Compensator

The Bird of Prey Compensator is quite a different design from normal muzzle devices. Rather than being CNC lathed, this is made with milled out plates. The plates are stacked and provide more surface area for the muzzle blast to interact with. Mark [Read More…]