Fire Control Group Manufacturing AK-47 Muzzle Device Detent Block (MDDB)

    About a week ago we took a look at a custom AK rifle (SK-17) made by Fire Control Group Manufacturing. Among other features, this rifle had a simple but rather interesting part made by the same company. It is called Muzzle Device Detent Block (MDDB). Let’s see what makes it interesting.

    If you are into AKs you must know that the modern tendency is to get rid of the original front sight block in favor of the gas block/front sight block combo. The primary reason for that is to have less weight hanging on the muzzle. This layout is recommended by many AK industry leaders.

    However, the original AK front sight block also houses the muzzle device detent plunger mechanism. This is also one of the distinctive AK features which is a good one, too. It allows to securely fix the muzzle device in place and disassemble it without a need to use tools. Plus it holds in place the cleaning rod.

    So, on one hand, you have the weight reduction advantage when getting rid of the front sight block, but on the other hand, you are losing the muzzle device retention mechanism.

    Fire Control Group Manufacturing MDDB pretty much solves the above-described dilemma. It is a very compact and lightweight device which is installed in place of the front sight block. The MDDB houses the muzzle device detent mechanism and the cleaning rod fixation lug. It gives you all you need at the muzzle of an AK rifle without adding any significant weight. MDDB weighs under an ounce.

    The MSRP of the Muzzle Device Detent Block is $29.99. It should be available for purchase within a couple of weeks.

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