NEW: Definitive Arms Adjustable AK Gas Block

    Definitive Arms has released several images of their new adjustable gas block for AK rifles. It has 13 settings and the way you change them is pretty AK-style. The retention of the gas block positions is accomplished by a spring loaded plunger and corresponding cuts on the selector drum which is very reminiscent of muzzle device retention mechanism of AK rifles.

    These new gas blocks will be compatible with a number of AK family rifles – AKM, AK-74, 100-series AKs, Veprs, RPK etc. The complete compatibility list and the pricing information will be available later. There will be two versions of this gas block – gas block only and a gas block/front sight combo.

    Definitive Arms points out that this gas block could be especially useful for building an AK in some exotic (not normally seen in AKs) calibers. Tim of Military Arms Channel has also released a short video telling about this gas block where he says that it also can be handy for use with suppressors.

    I’d agree with both the statements. Other than the mentioned cases, if you are going to use your AK as it is, there is perhaps no need for such an advanced gas block. AKs are normally overgassed and it is ok. They are designed so and that is one of the reasons of their reliability in different environmental conditions and with different ammunition.

    Hrachya H

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