Forward Controls NVTS – Nautilus Variable Timing System

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Here is an interesting solution to timing muzzle devices. No more shims or crush washers. Forward Controls has an alternate solution called the NVTS (Nautilus Variable Timing System).

Muzzle Devices @ TFB:

The NVTS is pretty straightforward – it is a two-piece ring that has steps machined into it. So instead of stacking shims or crushing a crush washer, the NVTS uses the steps to space itself to be thicker So it performs the same function as a stack of shims. But rather than guessing or following a complicated chart of shim thickness and quantity to get the right thickness to time your muzzle device, you just rotate the inner ring to the proper position.

On the outside of the NVTS, there are two triangles, one on each piece. You align them with each other to start off. Forward Controls explains you treat the NVTS like a clock.

Photo by Forward Controls.
Photo by Forward Controls.

There are lines machined on the other ring of the NVTS. You use them to reference the position of the inner ring.

Photo by Forward Controls.

Here is a video showing you how to install the NVTS. It is pretty straightforward.

Dial in the amount of timing required. For example: if the muzzle device’s center slot/port points to 10 o’clock after it’s been hand tightened with NTS installed, back out the muzzle device and NVTS, remove the disc from the base, rotate the disc to the right by 2 tick marks to add 2 hours to bring the center port from 10 to 12 o’clock, then rotate the disc to the right by one more tick mark to account for torqueing the muzzle device 20 to 30 ft·lb.

Currently, the NVTS is out of stock on the Forward Controls website. It retails for just $25 and they only offer it in 1/2×28. I hope they make bigger versions for 5/8×24. Check out their website for more info or be alerted when it is back in stock.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • SCW SCW on Aug 22, 2023

    Its 5/8x24 if you have a lathe.

  • Scuba Sleeve Scuba Sleeve on Aug 22, 2023

    Been using Accu-Washers for some time now, and I'll probably stick with that. They are exactly the same price, and although this product might arguably be faster, I don't mind spending 10 minutes to find the correct washer. Also, Accu- Washers come 18 to a pack, and chances are you're going to be able to use one pack for multiple guns, so actually they are quite a lot cheaper. This is a cool and innovative design though, just not necessarily better than alternatives already out there.