New Intrepid Hearing Protection Line From WarBird Protection

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WarBird adds its new Intrepid ear-pro lineup to its offerings, including these RC muffs. [WarBird]

Newly-founded WarBird Protection might be best known for its soft body armor, which launched earlier this year, but it makes protection for your eyes and ears, too. For 2024, WarBird just brought out its new Intrepid hearing protection lineup, with three sets of electronic earmuffs.

Hearing Protection @ TFB:

The base-model Intrepid muffs use AAA batteries, with no wireless connectivity. [WarBird]

WarBird Intrepid

These are the lowest-priced earmuffs in the lineup, with a 23dB NRR along with internal speakers that allow you to hear ambient noise. Two omni-directional microphones feed compressed, high-def sound with to 40mm/20 ohm speakers. Even with the audio compression system, WarBird says the Intrepid earmuffs have only a 0.01-second reaction time. The user also has the option of plugging another external source into a 3.5mm input jack.

The headband is designed for user comfort, with a metal frame. The earphones are powered by AAA batteries (not included); an auto-shut-off feature stops you from wasting too much juice. Power, volume and select buttons are supposed to have positive action so they’re easy to use without removing the headset.

The asking price is $79 in the U.S. market. More info here.

All products of the Intrepid hearing protection line ship with a hard case, like you see here with the RC series. [WarBird]

WarBird Intrepid RC

The RC earmuffs are rechargeable via a USB-C connection, so you don’t have to keep pumping AAA batteries into the headset. They also have TPU-covered gel ear pads, to make them more comfy.

Aside from that, many of the specs are the same as the standard Intrepid muffs; the RC headset has high-def sound coming from dual omnidirectional mics, channeled to two 40mm/20 ohm speakers. The battery is supposed to last up to eight hours, with auto shut-off. The asking price is $99; see more info here.

The top of the lineup, the Intrepid BT muffs. These can stream sound wirelessly via Bluetooth. [WarBird]

WarBird Intrepid BT

This headset adds Bluetooth connectivity to the formula. With USB-C recharging (1.5 hours from empty to full), they’ll last up to eight hours, like the RC set, and the other specs are pretty much the same, The difference is that users have the choice of a 3.5mm audio jack or a Bluetooth connection. That means you’ll pay more—the MSRP in the U.S. is $149.99. WarBird has more info and photos here.

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