TFB Review: The Finnish Jaki 22LR Suppressor

Eric B
by Eric B
Finnish Jaki 22LR Suppressor

Since 1996 Jaki Ltd. of Finland have been manufacturing suppressors. The company was founded by Jussi and Aki Nyyssönen, and they initially began by designing and crafting suppressors for their own personal competitive firearms. With time, almost four decades, the company and the products have evolved. To my knowledge, Jaki’s products cannot be found in the USA, but since TFB stretches on a global level with lots of international readers, it can sometimes be of interest to study various products even if they’re not available.

Rimfire Suppressors @ TFB:

The background to this review is that I have been using Jaki’s 22LR suppressor for over a year. A friend recommended them to me, and because a dealer had a special price event (almost everything was reduced by 25%), I ended up buying two. My friends and I have been shooting well over ten thousand rounds through them, for competition and for pleasure – and even as an event at an outside wedding. Here you can read my conclusion and thoughts about the suppressor.

Although I still recommend anyone shooting any firearm to use hearing protection, I’d say that Jaki’s suppressor is as close to hearing safe as it gets. There’s more noise from the mechanism of the semi-auto JP Rifles Action rimfire when the .22 bullet hits nearby. What makes it really nice, is that you can easily stand a few meters away, and still be fine without hearing protection.

The Jaki is matte black, with no real “feature” in its looks – it’s just functional. It can be found with the following threads:

  • UNF ½-20
  • UNEF½-28
  • M12x1
  • M13x1
  • M14x1
  • M15x1
  • M17x1
  • M18x1

The knife is a Benchmade Adamas in OD Green G10, priced at around $325 (mine was about $280 at House of Blades in Texas). This is a very solid folder and looks great. Perhaps a bit too big for EDC in some pockets and places.

The Jaki 22 is small and light, with a small diameter (24,5 mm) which makes it possible to shoot with most sights. This suppressor is designed to be used mainly with .22 LR rifles, with a maximum sound suppression of about 30-34 Db. It extends the barrel 128 mm, and the overall length is 140 mm. The weight is 80 grams. The warranty is 2 years.
Below: Note the text on the iPods – SENDIT.

It’s very easy to take the Jaki apart, at least when it’s brand new and clean. Below is what it looks like inside. As you can see, this one is brand new and super clean. The other one I bought has seen several thousands of rounds, beyond 5000.

I think the conclusion is to clean it regularly, perhaps every 1000 rounds. When it was taken apart after heavy use, there was a lot of residue. So much that it wasn’t possible to get all of the baffles out. There was also a build-up around the barrel. It still worked really well, both in function and sound suppression but at some point, it’s going to malfunction.

Below: A Benchmade knife, JP-22 with the Jaki 22LR suppressor and a SIG Sauer P322 with the A-Tech Wave Carbon.

Shooting steel with rimfire off-hand at 190 meters in the wind. Yes, it was still possible to hit the 40 cm round target. The riflescope is a Swarovski Z6i with a BRT-I reticle. No, the reticle did not have enough lines for the holdover, making it quite difficult.

Jaki’s products are available both directly from the company and from several retailers throughout Finland and Europe. The brand is not available in the USA. The price seems to be around €89 to €95, equivalent to about 100 USD or less.

The Nordic Midsummer dream! Shooting the JP rifles rimfire with a Jaki suppressor at an event. The action and the ringing from the steel sounds more than the rifle itself. Events like this are great for beginners, as it takes most of the noise and recoil out of the equation and people can focus on the basics instead.

Having shot well over ten thousand rounds with two of the suppressors from Jaki without any real issues, it’s pretty easy to recommend it as a product. Considering the low price, and how comfortable it can be sometimes to shoot without hearing protection, it’s difficult to see any real downside with this product other than it needs cleaning now and then. Since suppressors are now free in most Nordic countries, no permit is needed other than to have a legal firearm with the correct threading, some people consider them consumables.

It’s great fun to shoot the 22LR suppressed, it’s perfect for beginners and advanced shooters as well and you need to get the fundamentals right regardless of caliber. But you avoid most of the “unpleasures” like the noise and the recoil.

I’d like to add that Jaki of Finland have no idea about this article until this goes online and I send them a link. As I mentioned a friend recommended them, and I bought two to try them out.

Here’s a direct link to the company’s website:

Eric B
Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6x6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.

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  • Magma Magma on May 15, 2024

    100 bucks seems about right for a 22 can as opposed to the hundreds of dollars the US manufacturers rip people off for

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