Frame Mounted Pistol Compensator Coming Soon

    Joel Pirela of Pirela Weapon’s Division is an avid knife fanatic and shooter. He and Nemesis Knives are collaborating on making a frame mounted pistol compensator. Compensators on pistols help counter act muzzle climb and are often attached to the gun using a threaded barrel.

    The benefit of a frame mounted compensator is that it does not need a threaded barrel. This is actually beneficial for shooters who live in states that ban threaded barrels. Such as California and New York.

    According to Joel, their compensator has “4 side ports that are angled at 45 degrees and the top one is also angled at a forward 45 degree for maximum recoil management.”

    I am a little concerned about this compensator design. Specifically the forward top port. It looks like it throws gasses upwards and forwards as a 45 degree angle. This seems counter intuitive to how recoil works. Think of how large muzzle brakes work on large recoiling rifles. The ports are designed to throw the gas backwards thereby pulling the gun forward. This seems like it would push the gun back more thus increasing recoil.

    Another concern is one I brought up with the ZRODelta modular pistol. Where their dust cover is modular and you can install a compensator to the frame. The issue I see is that the barrel is only partially inserted into the compensator. Take a Glock for example. The barrel just sticks out about 1/10 of an inch past the slide. There is not a lot of barrel there. Also the barrel/compensator fit cannot be a perfect fit otherwise the barrel would not be able to tilt. So I imagine some gasses might leak out the back even before the slide unlocks and the barrel tilts.

    Another minor issue is the lack of an accessory rail. However this can be easily remedied by machining a rail into the compensator.

    I do question the purpose of the small crown at the front end of the compensator. I guess it might be a stand off device? I am more used to this style of stand off device.

    At the moment there is no mention of how much this compensator will be but they will be making a variety of them for different makes and models of handguns.

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