[SHOT 2018] ZRODelta Modular Aluminum Glock

    ZRODELTA has a modular Glock clone with a metal grip. We already saw a metal Glock frame announced by Dasan. And while this is also an Aluminum frame, ZRODelta’s Genesis Z9 takes that idea a step further.

    The Genesis Z9 is a modular frame. We have seen interchangeable front and back straps on a gun before.It even has a removable grip to change grip length. This is the first I have seen interchangeable dust covers.

    You can see the dust covers below.

    The compensated dust cover caught my attention. Rather than mount the comp on the barre like Agency or the Roland Special, the compensator is one solid piece with the railed dust cover.  As you can see below when the Genesis Z9 cycles, the barrel moves back and away from the compensator. This shouldn’t be an issue as the gasses are moving much faster than the slide moving back and the barrel unlocking.


    As a fan of race guns, I am liking the ability to add a flared mag well. My only critique is the flair is substantial however the actual funnel is rather small and somewhat defeats the purpose of a large competition mag well.

    You can see the part lines between pieces. The back strap and beaver tail are one continuous piece which can be switched out for a straight back strap.

    Because the Genesis Z9 frame is so modular you can go from a compact size to a full size race gun in a couple minutes. Simply add the grip extension, switch to a longer dust cover and longer slide/barrel setup. You could even make your own 19X style pistol if you so desired.

    The Genesis Z9 starts off at $1299 for the compact then the price goes up for the full size and race gun sized versions. At the moment they do not plan on selling the frame separately. One aspect I am surprised they have not done is to make the sides of the grip interchangeable as well. They should make panels that you can switch out for more or less traction. Like the VP9 has interchangeable side panels. You could have fatter grips or change out the texture.

    ZRODelta recently acquired WarSport and dissolved the brand. I did notice these WarSport LVOA rifles displayed off to the side. According to the representative that I spoke to, they are evaluating the LVOA and seeing if they want to release it again.

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