MP40 found in Australia

by Miles

These news items are always so interesting when they come up, as if to say “Dear god, a working firearm!” Anyways, in Sydney, Australia apparently some criminals were stashing a modified No.4 Lee Enfield and an MP40 in an abandoned house, intending to do criminal deeds with them. And a 1911A1 with aftermarket grips, but that isn’t as interesting as the MP40. Personally I think they must have been some pretty low rate criminals if all they could get their hands on were World War Two small arms. Nonetheless, the interesting thing about the MP40 is the flash hider had somehow been added, either as a modification to the muzzle parts that disassemble, or simply welded/jammed on somehow. There was also no mention of ammunition in the article. I tried to find even experimental MP40 muzzle devices on the internet, but to no avail. Try not to read into the article too deeply, the terminology errors are somewhat strong with this one. From the news report over at Nine News

Police allege they found a Nazi Germany-era MP-40 submachine gun, a .22 caliber bolt action rifle with a scope and a .45 caliber Colt 1911 automatic pistol.

The weapons have been sent for further ballistic examination.

Last week’s find has disturbed counter terrorism police.

“These are highly lethal firearms that someone has stashed away with the intent to use when they deem the time is right,” Terrorism Investigation Squad Commander Darren Bennett said.

The original pictures have been rotated sideways so that explains the odd composition of the picture. Anyways, standard 1911A1 here, except with a nickeled slide and some sort of white grips. The police seem to have locked back every firearm's bolt except the 1911s, did they not know how?
.303 Lee Enfield No.4 with an added scope mount and civilian variable power scope on top.

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  • Fff Fff on Jul 18, 2015

    maybe they simply wanted to not have the police steal their firearms.

  • RPK RPK on Jul 18, 2015

    I would love to find a long lost MP-40 in my own collection!